Making disciples of Jesus Christ that transform the world
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Making disciples of Jesus Christ that transform the world

What We Believe


With Christians of other communions we confess belief in the triune God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This confession embraces the biblical witness to God's activity in creation, encompasses God's gracious self-involvement in the dramas of history, and anticipates the consummation of God's reign.


We hold in common with all Christians a faith in the mystery of salvation in and through Jesus Christ.


We share the Christian belief that God's redemptive love is realized in human life by the activity of the Holy Spirit, born in personal experience and in the community of believers.


We understand ourselves to be part of Christ's universal church when by adoration, proclamation and service we become conformed to Christ.


With other Christians we recognize that the reign of God is both a present and future reality.


We share with many Christian communions a recognition of the authority of Scripture in matters of faith, the confession that our justification as sinners is by grace through faith, and the sober realization that the church is in need of continual reformation and renewal.


(From The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church - 2004. © 2004 by the United Methodist Publishing House. Used by permission.)

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